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"Poetry helps me be a human being rather than always a human doing."

"I turned to poetry to express visions and thoughts in specifically chosen words, with sparseness in the lines allowing for consideration of intent and wording. I found writing blends well with my love of nature and animals, so I can be a reliable narrator-poet, who sees parallels in life and thought patterns," says Starr Cummin Bright.

Starr, a veterinarian, had a solid liberal arts education: Yale B.A. in Classics before her V.M.D from the University of Pennsylvania. This non–linear path turned out to be advantageous after she was shot in a church by a stranger who had paranoid schizophrenia. Sensory nerve pain from a bullet ricocheting down her spinal cord was severe enough to disable her. It was five years before she could write a cohesive, scientific paragraph. Since her pain level still skyrocketed when it rained, she gave up equine medicine and turned to non-fiction writing for her artist husband, J. Clayton Bright. That left an empty spot which poetry has readily filled. Nature does abhor a vacuum.

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