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Starr Cummin Bright
Apple Grove Press
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Unionville, PA 19375

Inhabiting an Island, her chapbook published in May 2017, is available directly from Starr or through Amazon.

 Rick Benjamin, former State Poet Laureate of Rhode Island, commented on her chapbook, Inhabiting an Island:

“Life is hard/” Starr Cummin Bright says, “but/you can choose/your response.” At the heart of her poems is a deep-noticing that is equal parts response to impermanence and expression of something near to the ecstatic.  Bright never shies away from inquiring into what is both generative and degenerative: the insides of a rusted jeep, or the interior conversation one has with oneself.  I love how this poet moves from careful observation—visual, aural, tactile— to equally careful statements:  an osprey’s “bird-tongue” “strikes a chord with my own fretting/over teenage behavior,” and there is solace in the fact that adolescents in other species also seek “shortcuts to pleasure/ignoring the bird’s eye view/of work for reward.”  Starr knows boats, how to navigate the Gut (which means something to some of us), fish-traps, fog-runs and grace notes, the last of which also happens to be the last poem in this fine first collection.  Inhabiting an Island is unfalteringly celebratory, a testament to moving through strong currents with a soul intact enough to withstand them.  

2019 readings:

Reading at Southwest Harbor Public Library, Southwest Harbor, ME on July 16            @5:30 pm

Reading at Great Cranberry Library, Great Cranberry Island, Maine on July 23,            @ 4:00 pm

2018 readings:

Reading at INHA, Three Women Poets, Islesford, ME, on August 21

Reading at Literary Evening, Islesford, ME, on July 26

Reading at the Northeast Harbor Library, Northeast Harbor, ME, on June 27

Reading at the Kennett Library, Kennett Square, PA, on April 25

2017 readings: 
Reading at Church of the Loving Shepherd, West Chester, PA, on October 17
Reading on Great Cranberry Island, Maine, on July 30 
Reading on Little Cranberry Island, Maine, Literary evening, July 20
Reading Kennett Library, Kennett Square, PA, April 6

Poetry in print: 
Inhabiting an Island (chapbook) May, 2017
Apiary Magazine 
The Island Reader (multiple issues) 
Poetry Ink (anthology)

Out of the Depths: Poetry of Poverty – Courage and Resilience (Anthology) 2015

Non-fiction at